Sunday, May 1, 2011

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The Hacker's Sensitivity.

We've finally come to know who is dogbert the hacker, he lives in Finland located in the worlds Ass, the so called  best hacker in the world turned out to be a disappointment. well His is not as we hoped he would be...
He's too sensitive, he's always crying about the so called Shmuck from ebay and all around the globe taking advantage of his intellectual work, and he's always changing moods, like a grownup baby.
Sometimes he's crying and sometimes he's happy.
We took a shot of he's happy Time!

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Dogbert's Blog / / The Hacker's Sensitivity

Dogbert's Blog / /
Throwing the towel - Shmuck's Victorious.

Dogbert himself claims to have the 100% working, but will never
release it, many people are saying that since he's stopped publishing the programs he should just close his blog as it became useless. I say... man look at his defeated gay face, would you believe that he actually accomplished such a thing? I say he just
realized he can do only easy tasks. so let me know what you think.
post below your thoughts for this question. Was he throwing the tower or the Shmuck's victory was the real factor in such decision or was his failure and lack of knowledge to accomplish the job?

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